Facesitting Central

Where hot girls sit on guys faces

BBW Lady Cathy wants to train her slave to endure longer facesitting sessions. She ordered him to lie his head on this small stool and sits down on his face sideward's for starters. She's facesitting him in various positions and smothers him completely under her huge sexy ass. He'll serve her as her ass cushion regularly and there'll be a lot more training before he's good enough for her.

Lady Anja is facesitting one of her paypigs in the hallway while she slowly takes away all of his hard earned money. Her sexy leather panties smother him completely under her sexy ass. In the end she takes his humiliation to an even higher level by making him eat a chewed bubble gum.

Mistress Katja's wearing her hot skin-tight jeans when she decides that she wants to sit on your face. She sits down right on your face and does neither care if you can breathe nor if you're in pain under her hot ass. She facesits you as well frontal as reverse and only she decides when she'll get up and end your punishment

Xenia loves to capture pathetic male slaves in the smother box. This way they can't escape and have to endure Xenia's evil games. Today she's wearing a short skirt, a black thong and fishnet nylons when she sits down on the slave's ugly face. His face gets completely buried under her hot ass when she sits on it with her full weight!

Sexy Alita from Poland is riding her slave's face wearing hot skin-tight jeans. He not only gets smothered under this sexy ass but also his face is nearly crushed under this cruel mistresses' ass.

BBW Lady Cathy ordered her slave to lie down on the bed and sits down on his face wearing her hard skin-tight jeans. The slaves face gets crushed under the ass of his heavy mistress. But he better endures the facesitting as long as she wants it otherwise he'll most certainly be punished even more brutal.

Mistress Katja bound her slave in the living room and tests her new awesome white pants on his face. Obviously it's more comfortable for her as it is for him, but she's happy that she can easily completely smother him under her ass wearing her new pants.

Jasmina Sun is preparing for her dance show and uses her slave's face to make the chair more comfortable. She sits down on his face wearing her hot golden dance outfit and smothers him under her sexy ass. He'll stay under her ass as long as she's putting on her make up and right after the show he'll again be her ass cushion so she can relax.

Antonia wants to smoke a cigarette while sitting on her slave's face. Unfortunately for him she's wearing a really hard jeans today and nearly crushes his face when she sits down on his face with her full weight.

Lady Anja sits down on her slave's face wearing her skin-tight jeans and smothers him under her sexy ass. She's enjoying riding his face and doesn't care if it's as pleasing for him as it's for her!

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